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Explore your Life Path through Vedic Astrology

The Heavens control the Life on Earth
According to your past deeds and desires, you are given a particular body and mind through the agency of the material energy. How this energy is working out for you, can be seen from your birth chart.

Hi I'm Madan Gopal Das

I was born in Switzerland with the name Manuel Josef Kenzelmann. I lived for over 14 years in Asia. First I was a monk in India and after I married I moved to Bali Indonesia. I was very much blessed to get a very deep insight into eastern philosophy, such as the Vedanta Philosophy as well as Vedic Astrology.

My expertise lies in bringing to you the knowledge of the ancient sages, in a very practical manner that is surprisingly relevant for our today's pains and struggles.

Vedic Astrology Reading Includes!

  • Print out of your Sidearial Chart
  • 1 on 1 Call and if possible a meeting in person.
  • Analysis of all the planets
  • Analysis of Houses
  • Dasha Analysis (greater periods in Life)

Contact me through email: [email protected]

Or contact me through Phone (Whatsapp): +62 857 38 57 24 57

Or through Instagram: @vedicstarsigns

Costs are Donation based, Just contact me, we will figure out something ;)


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